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About Us

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of the Bobcaygeon Nursery School and Daycare Corporation is based upon the belief that children are resourceful, curious, rich in potential and capable of complex thinking. Respecting the importance of family choices and traditions strengthens the bond between home and our care as the child's world begins to expand. We encourage parent and community involvement in all aspects of your child's learning.

Within a warm, nurturing environment children actively participate in positive, interactive experiences that are based upon their interests and real life experiences. Through play and inquiry, young children practice ways of learning and interacting with others that they will apply throughout their lives. Problem solving and critical thinking, communication and creativity, imagination and initiative are all capacities vital for success in life, Our objective is to create and provide opportunities for children to succeed physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our programs are flexible and creative and provide children with opportunities for decision making and for building resilience. 

Our Background

In 1977, Nadine Jones (Administrator) opened the first licensed Nursery School in Bobcaygeon. At the time it was located in the Trinity United Church. In 1989, the Bobcaygeon Nursery School had outgrown all available rooms at Trinity United Church. She then closed that centre and opened a new non-profit child care centre, located at #3 Duke St, which is our present location.


In 1993 the Bobcaygeon Nursery School and Daycare Corporation was awarded a tender to open the first licensed child care centre in a public school in what was then Victoria County. This is the Fenelon-Langton Child Care Centre located in Langton Public School in Fenelon Falls. During the last phase of Ontario's implementation of All Day Kindergarten, the Bobcaygeon Nursery School and Daycare Corporation opened it's third location, the Bobcaygeon School Age Club at the Bobcaygeon Public School.

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